Since 2003, I’ve utilized Xlog as a place to chronicle my personal journey through the world of technology, the product develoment, and innovation. As a technology developer & consumer, I’ve brought products to market while living and working on both coasts.

On this blog, I will endeavor to deliver an objective view of today’s technology, I hope it will not only be enjoyable, but will be informative. The ideas expressed here are my own and do not reflect the views of my employer.

I write Xlog without a hidden agenda. In the years of writing the blog, I’ve enjoyed reflecting on the world of tech.  Major topics for Xlog will include IoT, smart home, home automation & security, IP video, product management & development, and whether it’s better to be an early adopter, or a critical reviewer. While I don’t write articles for the purpose of gaining notoriety, if you find anything here of value, please share using one the social options provided below. I hope you will become frequent visitor & subscriber.

More about me on my Google Profile: http://www.google.com/+RyanPetty


Ryan Petty is an entrepreneur & technology executive with over 15 years of telecom, media and technology product development experience. Specialties: Expertise in product development in the telecom, media, and entertainment technology. IPTV, interactive television, interactive advertising, cable television, home security & automation, smart home and IoT.

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