Xlog (http://www.xero.net/blog) is dedicated to chronicling my adventures in technology, specifically the things I find interesting and hope you do to. Specifically, Xlog will focus on topics related to my work (IPTV), Apple products and announcements and tech gadgets of all types. Occasionally, we will get off track, and talk about all sorts of topics.

I have been an entrepreneur for over 10 years. I am one of the founders of Myrio, a company at the forefront of IPTV. Founded in 1999, Myrio was created to take to market the cutting-edge IPTV platform we began developing while at SourceNet (acquired by ATG) back in 1997. Currently, I am leading a worldwide team of over 20 product managers and support staff responsible for Siemens end-to-end IPTV solution–SURPASS Home Entertainment (HES) HES is the worldwide market leader for IPTV, commercially deployed to over 80 operators worldwide.

I welcome you to join in with your comments, reviews, rankings and hopefully posts. I hope you find this site interesting and in some way helpful.


Ryan Petty

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